Web & Mobile Design and Development

Transform Your Website into a Powerful, Mobile-Optimized Marketing Tool That Will Convert Visitors into Customers

Total Web Presence

Restaurant Hospitality Marketing understands the particular challenges of the restaurant and hospitality industry and knows the most effective ways to promote your brand. Restaurant Hospitality Marketing specializes in creating a true web presence for your company that is designed to nurture and optimize your business.

We do not build websites. We build you a web presence. What is a web presence? A web presence is a holistic approach that incorporates a website with social media, video and SEO to reach your customers where they already are. We believe that incorporating this holistic approach is the best way to be where your audience is, which increases your changes of them locating you.

How does this holistic approach work? Our recipe is simple, yet effective. We design and create a website that is SEO optimized, add a heaping amount of social media that is branded and integrated into your site, with a generous amount of professional copywriting and we top it off with a 60 second business profile video.

Get started today to build your new web presence. Contact Restaurant Hospitality Marketing and learn how we can help you create your new web presence!

Mobile Site Development

Digital devices officially surpassed the number of people on earth in 2015, and they are continuing to multiply at an exceedingly fast rate. With statistics like this one, building a mobile version of your website seems like a smart choice.

What are the advantages of building a mobile site? For restaurants in particular, a smartphone user has the ability to access information on the fly, such as which restaurants are closest to their current proximity or it allows them to peruse their menu and with a single click call the restaurant to inquire further.

Without a mobile site, your business could get overlooked by a competitor who does have a mobile site and IS accessible on a smartphone. Don’t assume that because you have a website people can view it from their mobile phone. A mobile phone has a lot less real estate than a website, so it is imperative to use this space wisely. Think less is more. Your mobile site should be user-friendly and a mini version of your current website.

Knowing that there are now more mobile devices than people, it makes this information even more important to you as a restaurant owner or manager:

  • 90% of smartphone users convert their restaurant mobile search within the day
  • 64% of smartphone users conducting a restaurant search converted their search immediately or within one hour
  • Mobile media time is now greater than desktop media time

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